I am a self-taught artist based in Norfolk, England. I have always been creative and liked to draw since a child but it wasn't until 2007 when I was at university writing a dissertation for my nursing degree that I started painting seriously. Looking back it was a close call between studying nursing or fine Art. At the time the nursing won out. I wanted to pay back to others the kindness I had received when I was treated for thyroid cancer in 1998.

In 2008, I sold my first painting of sunflowers to a nurse I worked with on the wards at the Norfolk and Norwich hospital the year I qualified. 


Since then, whilst continuing to work as a nurse in the local community I have discovered the delights (and unique challenges) of painting outside en plein air. I have continued on to become an award-winning artist,  been chosen as a wild card to compete in the Sky TV programme, landscape Artist of the Year in 2017 and 2018 and completed book cover art for two publishing houses.



                                                    The Painting  Process


  The painting process usually starts way before the paint ever touches the canvas. Inspiration often strikes on my commute to work or when am driving to visit patients on the muddy, narrow, country lanes of Norfolk. It could be a tale I have heard that has piqued my curiosity, or a striking silhouette, an expansive sky,  a sparkle of sunlight light or a building that captures my eye.

For me, its all about capturing the atmosphere and sense of place in an artwork so on my day off I'll go back to soak it up.  I might stop and take a photograph or complete a sketch or painting which I can then use to create a larger artwork when back in the studio. 


I think most people have a fascination with history, of were we have come from. I am no different. In my paintings I  like to hint at what lies just beneath the surface, what is hidden from plain sight or what has gone before.  Texture and creating depth to an artwork is a way for me to try and communicate this,  by layering paint and then washing away or scoring into the canvas to partially reveal the luminous under layers. 


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Wendy Kimberley Art 

Wendy Kimberley Art


Artist, Wendy Kimberley. Specialising in Fine Art, pet portraits and commissions

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