Wendy Kimberley Ar tWindsor trees insitu

A change of Season

It was the mist swirling around the base of these large sycamore trees in autumn last year that inspired this large artwork.

It started off life as a monochrome , but did not show the beautiful richness of the colourful leaves. So I added copper and gold highlights with metallic paint.

It shimmers in the light highliting the many glazes  of paint and textures built into the layers.

A Gorgeous centre piece to any room.

Original Acrylic painting

Gallery wrapped canvas.

100cm x 100cm x 4 cm


£900.00 plus P&P

large imgonline-com-ua-resize-Sm4hSbxILr

April Blossoms

I’m Every year in our village the  cherry trees which line the road to the local church bursts with with blossoms.

It was the sun twinkling through the delicate petals and contrasts of light and shadow which captivated me.

It was one of those images which I knew I had to paint.

I built up the depth and texture in this piece using fine glazes for the foliage and thick paint in areas on the trunk.

Its signed on the front and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Orginol painting in Acrylic

on canvas


76.2cm x 76.2 cm x 2cm

£650.00 Plus P&P



Catch the Wave (2018)

To catch a Wave (2018)

Oil Painting on gallery wrapped Canvas

61.5cm x 61.5cm x 5 cm

£450.00 plus P&P

Wendy KimberleyBEACHCOMBER.jpg

BeachComber (2019)

Painting in Acrylic on Canvas


76.2cm x 76.2 cm x 2 cm

£650.00 plus P&P

High Tide (2017)

Painting in Acrylic

Gallery wrapped Canvas

Painted borders no frame required, unless preferred .

Ready to hang

100cm x 100cm x 2cm

£900.00 Plus P&P

High tide Wendy Kimberley

Tempest (2019)

Although this wave was painted from my imagination, it was inspired by the Spring high Tide at Cromer in Norfolk.

I had gone to the beach early morning in January to clear my head and the wind had whipped up the sea to a churning foaming , broiling mass.

The sound of the seagulls calling could be heard above the  water smashing and spattering the promenade with booms and crackle. It was immense and powerful , rhythmic and endless.  

You felt small and insignificant in the face of such power , yet at the same time part of it.

Original Painting in acrylic on canvas

76.2 cm x 76.2 cm x 2 cm


£650.00 plus P&P unframed


tempest wendy Kimberley art.jpg

Making Waves

Acrylic on canvas


76.2cm x 76.2cm x2cm

£650,00 plus P&P

Wnedy Kimberley SURGE.jpg


Acrylic on Canvas


76.2cm x 76.2cm x 2 cm

£650.00 Plus P&P

Due South (2020)


Acrylic painting on canvas


70cm x 40 cm x 2 cm

£250.00 plus P&P


Artist, Wendy Kimberley. Specialising in Landscapes and portraiture 

©  copyright Wendy Kimberley

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