Original Artworks Available to Own

There is something so special about buying an original  piece of art work  that is as unique as you are. It is a form of self expression that can enhance your living spaces, reminding you a place, an experience or emotion.

In my paintings I try to capture the beauty of nature or the awe that you feel when looking at a distant horizion or dramatic landscape. So when you walk past it everyday in your home  after a stressful day it helps you reconnect to the beauty to be found in the world.


Some artworks are currently on display at the Gallery Norfolk and The Gallery at ICE To find out about these or more information about an individual piece or shipping costs please contact me.  

Wendy Kimberley Ar tWindsor trees insitu

Original Artworks on canvas


Original Artworks on Paper.


Original Artworks on Wood

Commission an Artwork.

Want  a specific artwork of a loved one or place you have visited and connected with.

Why not commission a unique artwork made specifically for you.

The process is simple. Fill in the contact enquiry form with your requirements and I will contact you to discuss either by email, telephone or zoom call.  


Once we have established an outline, agreed a price and timescale,   I will then complete some initial rough sketches to ensure I have captured your vision correctly before commencing the final piece.

. I will keep you updated through the whole process with progress shots or zoom calls to ensure you are completely happy with the finished piece. Unless of course you want it to be a suprise .


'Fantastic piece of art and Wendy was able to translate the image in my mind to canvas! Thank you again for creating a timeless piece for my enjoyment!'

Naomi Gunn, UK

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'Wendy the painting is just how I imagined it . The colours are perfect. It evokes such wonderful memories I cannot thankyou enough.'

C B Johnson, UK


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Estimated pricing for commissions.

Just email me your requirements and I'll send you a guide price list.