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End of an Era (08/09/2022)
London City Scape
Acrylic and gold leaf on Canvas 
122cm x 92cm unframed


I will never duplicate an art work, each is a stand alone original, but if you like this painting and would like something similar get in touch to commission you own, unique painting .


I wanted to capture the sparkling lights of London and Old Father Thames that coils through the city like a giant snake. Whilst it clearly shows the huge urban sprawl of the UK capitol it also reminds us how small we are in the vastness of space.

The final layers of varnish to this large artwork where applied as it was announced on the BBC news the Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll had passed away, This painting was titled in honour of our beloved Queen. 

The gold leaf and layers of metallic gold paint are reflective, capturing the light and bouncing it around the room. Colours change depending on how it is lit. Painting is framed in a hand painted grey tray frame with gold metallic border as shown in images. 

This painting was inspired  by a photo taken by JPlenio

(No accreditation required, see link below)

Painting in progress Wendy Kimberley Art.jpg
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