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I'm excited to share some of my personal favourites with you, which

include some older works and award-winning pieces. They all share a common theme of my love of nature and the wildlife we have here in Britain. In more recent work since 2020 my attention  has been drawn to the spaces where nature and urban areas meet and the impact that has on the environment. This has led to two new  emerging bodies of work. The urban nature collection exploring the hidden worlds on the fringes of our towns and cities and the nature collection featuring the wildlife in those areas, that have managed to flourish and adapt in a hostile habitat. 

Whilst my goal is to paint the beauty I see, I also want to express my fascination and awe for these strange unusual places which harbour these magical creatures and show in each piece the mystery of the natural world. 

d want to find out more about it or have any queries, please do send me a message. 

Award Winning & Shortlisted Artworks 

In a world filled with an abundance of talented artists I am very honoured to have had these artworks chosen and recognised for their merit. 

The Urban Nature Collection

 The urban Nature collection focuses on the changing landscape on the edges of urban areas where nature and the manmade meet exploring how they evolve over time.

 I first became fascinated with these places particularly underpasses during lockdown walks. They are common every day  scenes yet they mostly go unnoticed. But if you step into the shadows of these huge structures you will notice there is an other worldly, cave like strangeness. The graffiti reminds me of modern-day cave paintings and its so curious the way nature appears to flourish in these desolate spots maybe because they are left undisturbed. The contrast between the formulated and rigid manmade lines of buildings apposed to the anarchy and chaos of nature I find fascinating. They have a stark beauty that I have attempted to capture in these artworks..


Wildlife and Nature inspired

This collection of paintings depicts the beauty of wildlife in the wild. My main aim in these  paintings was to capture the feeling of being outside  surrounded by the expansiveness of nature and its diversity and our strong sense connection to it

 Inspiration behind the Art

Wendy Kimberley Art_edited.jpg
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