Painting Portraits for NHS Heroes during the Covid Pandemic

2020 and the Covid-19 Pandemic has seen  a tragic loss of life and changed the way we live our lives forever. 

Our health heroes continue to battle to save lives on the frontline. To say thankyou, Tom Croft started the 'portraitsfornhsheroes' movement.  He encouraged  artists to offer a free portrait to an NHS worker during the pandemic..

I had already completed a painting  for my daughter who is an A&E doctor,  and one of her colleagues but wanted to carry on to shine a light on and celebrate the amazing staff we have within the NHS.


I have kept going during our second lock down in the UK. It has certainly been a steep  learning curve working out how to paint faces, but after 50 portraits, I think I am  getting the hang of it. 





 The response to the has been phenomenal. One of my portraits appeared on Sky news and I ended up being asked to do an interview on Radio 5 live and Radio Norfolk!


I have loved reading the stories behind the nominations. They have all been so moving and uplifting, I decided to have a gallery on here to keep them. 

You can watch NHS workers receiving their portraits in the 1st lookdown below, check out the individual portraits and stories behind them in the gallery section. Or you can read the related News article on the news page. 


 If you want to nominate a health hero you can still do so my facebook page. 

Link below. Or if you are an artist and want to offer a NHS worker a portrait got to the portraitsfornhsheroes instagram page and follow the instructions there.   

NHS Portraits VLOG

Collection of time lapsed videos, interviews and NHS staff receiving portraits

NHS Heroes Portrait Gallery

Collection of portraits  completed for portraits for NHS heroes

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