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Minature Artworks on wood and Gift ideas

love nature and the outside and want to treat yourself or someone special to an intimate, unique gift that will stay with you, then these are for you. 

Inspired by the tenacity of nature, celebrating life in all its forms, this collection is painted on wood that has been lovingly hand prepared, before paint is applied. 

The artworks are hand painted, each image is unique, one of a kind artwork, which is then varnished before the wood sealed and waxed.

The wood  feels wonderful to touch so you can really get up close and personal with these little pieces. 

Displayed on a stand on a mantle piece or sideboard or on the wall they are versatile and would make a beautiful, cosy addition to your home. 


If you have a particular image in mind? Please contact me directly to discuss commissioning a bespoke artwork.   


Larger art works on canvas or board and statement pieces. 

A collection of  nature inspired artworks that capture the thrill and wonder of exploring the varied and distinctive,  landscapes of the UK. 

From coast lines, to moors and woodland and even on the edges our urban spaces, the power and tenacity of nature can be found everywhere. 

This collection of paintings feast on the diversity and beauty all around us, bringing the joy and fascination  of being outside in your home. 

Have a particular image you want on your walls?  Bespoke commissions may also be undertaken. In the first instance please contact to discuss you requirements and to arrange a quote.

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