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Long overdue update

So its been a while since I have posted on here. My poor blog has been well and truly neglected whilst I have been focusing on building an audience on facebook. But NO MORE I say! From now on I will aim to bore you much more frequently and post at least weekly.

Sooo, there have been a few updates since I last blogged.

The painting for Holt has been framed and hung last year in October. So it can now be viewed in the reception to the ward at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital, #NNUHT. My old ward sister organised a little opening ceremony and took a few photos. Not the most photogenic picture of me, admittedly, but had just rushed back from lunch so and just thankful that I didn't have spinach stuck to my front teeth. Was really touched. Was lovely to see all my old work mates again.

#Wytchman Road by Ben Ghan was released. My first digital cover art for Zharmae publishing press. Yay!

Video of how I did it can be seen here

Which was then followed by my second cover for Zharmae in May 2016. Angel fish by William Jacob, before the publisher went bankrupt. Boo!

Was sad to see Zharmae close as had been commissioned to do a third cover which now won't be used.

However, thanks to my very talented brother in law David Kimberley who asked me to do the cover for his new novel, Galahad Suns, I am currently working with GBP publishing, so should have some more news to share about my latest digital bookcover soon.

In the Studio, the series of minature robin paintings proved to be very popular on my artfinder site last Christmas. As well as the growing collection of monochrome paintings.

I think I have been quite influenced by the Norfolk countryside this winter. Since changing jobs, leaving the hospital to join the District Nursing team at Wymondham I have been so inspired by the misty mornings and dusky sunsets sillouetting the trees I think it has crept more and more into my work.

However, new job has meant a lot of training so getting time to paint recently has been challenging. Hopefully have more new on the painting front next week as determined to start a new piece this weekend...a watery theme or maybe some pebbles on a beach I'm thinking. Until then ...

Ciao for now xxx

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