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Week off spent Painting scenes around Norfolk Plein Air.

Just had a fantastic week off, for once it didn't rain so spent majority of it exploring the coast line for picturesque views to paint. Two reasons for this , one I'm trying to improve my painting skills and train my eye and the second I can't say anything about have been sworn to secrecy. Anyways, zipping along the North Norfolk coast road I was pretty much spoilt for choice. In the end it came down to if I could find a good parking spot as very reluctant to lug new easel and kit any further than 100 yards as its heavy and I'm obviously a delicate flower *erhem* Moving swiftly on.

Favourite were Salthouse Marsh next to Cley because of the stunning sky that day and West Runton. The colours of the rock pools, seaweed, sand and sea were gorgeous.

Well worth a visit, but go when the tide is low. Anyway, made a short video of the trips, hope you enjoy. Have a good week,

best wishes


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