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Paint out Wells (2017)

Just back this week from a fabulous three days painting with fellow artist at Wells on Sea on the North Norfolk coast.

Run by Paint Out Ltd this is the fourth year they have hosted the event in Wells, but the first time I have taken part. Team were very friendly and after a warm welcome it was off to Wells Quay side in the howling wind and rain to paint.

I must admit apart from dealing with extreme weather conditions, my hands going numb and gusts of wind jogging my brushstrokes, I absolutely loved it. However it can be challenging.

Painting outside or 'plein air' I found you struggle to choose something to paint. As weird as that may sound, your senses are bombarded with colour and sounds and expansive horizion lines, particularily in picturesque town like Wells and its neighbouring villages. The overload can make it difficult to settle on a scene to paint.

Another issue, particularily if a painting is not behaving itself and going wrong, is being watched. Unlike a studio where you can tuck yourself quietly away to paint, there are lots of people about.Its quite unusual to see artists wheeling trolleys ladden with easels and paint brushes around, even in Wells. If the art produced was good or bad, it didn't seem to matter, people were/are fascinated. This I found daunting and flattering in equal measure.

Painting at Blakeney the next day the weather was better, only set back was my driving and my sisters dodgy sat nav and lack of signposts. Hence we arrived late , but in plenty of time to produce a couple of works a piece.

Sunday was an early start to paint the sunrise. With the changing sky and colours I found I had to paint quickly adapting my style to try and capture the moment.

I wasn't entirely happy with my paintings that morning, but has given me lots of inspiration.

Judging in the afternoon and private view. I didn't place, but did sell a painting to a charming couple I had been talking to down at Wells harbour on the Friday. Also told by them and the organisers that under pricing my artworks, which made my day and given me a much needed confidence boost. Best bit was meeting all the other artists and painting with my sister.

Shall definately be entering the next paintout event in October in Norwich.

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